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RE: Take down Blog ?

My answer is, "I don't know if you should take it down."  I would be sad if it went away.  I check in here every once in a while to see if anythng interesting is going on.  Back a while ago, I posted all of the time and had a blast.  We discussed a wide variety of topics and had deep intellectual and spiritual conversations.  I stopped posting because it eventually attracted too many people who just wanted to defend the WOF movement and argue and it was getting so ugly.  I got weary of that.  So I suppose my opinion is that if it could possibly go back to iron sharpening iron, I hope it could stay.  But if it is just going to be bitter arguing, what's the point?


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I have made no recent posts, because there were some questions that were asked in one of the postings that I did that were plainly ignored, or there were accusations directed towards me that were unfounded.

One of the reasons that is stated for taking the blog down is there was no interaction, or discussion taking place. How is that statement completely truthful when as stated above, the only interaction that took place was for the questions to go unanswered (one poster did try to answer and that particular poster was "blasted" also with accusations), as I was. Both of us were being lambasted by the same person.

That may be why the previous posting concerning taking the blog site down stated what was stated about someone else's opinion differing from the moderators opinion so there is no way that that opinion could be right. I would rather be Scriptural with my opinions rather than say that I was right.

If something concerning Christianity (NOTICE: R E L I G I O N is not mentioned, although there are a lot of R E L I G I O U S statements on the site) can not be shown with Scripture to present doctrine, reproof, or instruction in righteousness then what is that opinion? (nothing more than a person's idea(s) about how things should be.)

Here is an example, there is a person who gets sick. This person prays, and prays, and prays, and prays (the same prayer which is equal to VAIN REPETITION) for healing, and the person does not get healed, but rather gets worse and dies. Can God's will be determined from this? If God sent Jesus to give life and life more abundantly, how can it be God's will for the person in the example to die?

Can God's will be determined by an unanswered prayer, or is God's will revealed in the BIBLE?

These are some of the questions that I have. Yet, I did not ask because I do not believe that any Scripture would have been given to instruct.

So, now can anyone see why there haven't been any recent postings. Another is the posts about what is the believer to do for the lost. The post asked for someone's opinion rather than instruction on how to lead a sinner to Christ. Jesus taught about the Kingdom of Heaven being near or here. Yet, we are told that we must preach / teach about hell. Let's scare 'em into heaven, rather than show or let the love of God be presented. Which is more correct?




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I will be surprised if this posting makes it to the board. Let me state that it contains no bitterness towards anyone, just some observations that were made by reading the postings that have been made for several months until now.

I have been just a visitor / guest to this site. I have not posted until now. It appears that most people have stopped posting because of the censorship that goes on when another person has beliefs that are contrary to the adminstrators, or moderators OPINIONS that CANNOT be proven with the BIBLE!

Such as: "Call me a mature believer who knows sometimes God's children cannot be given what they want because it wouldn't be good for them. (since when is healing not good for people? Where is this verse?)

Who knows that sometimes God wants us to go through "The trying our of faith" because it "worketh patience." (James said that, by the way). (The only part that is agreed with here is YES, that part of the verse is in the book of James, but, the question arises, Is this verse talking about sickness or disease? Where does it say in the BIBLE that God uses sickness / disease as the "trying of our faith"?)

Who realizes "The rain falleth upon the just and the unjust alike". (The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike, that is true. But, would not that be because the just and the unjust live on the earth together? And, not because of some other reason?)

Who loves God even when He says, "Wait, child.  I'll give you what you want WHEN YOU HAVE LEARNED THE LESSON I HAVE TO TEACH YOU." (There are quotations with this statement as if it comes from the BIBLE. Where is it found in the BIBLE?)

The BIBLE that I read states this: "if ye then being evil, know how to give GOOD gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in Heaven give GOOD things to them that ask Him?  MATT. 7: 11

Now the question that this brings up is this: according to the previous posts, sickness / disease etc. should be considered a GOOD THING from God (because God knows what is best for us), why is it that people are praying to God for healing, etc. when sickness / disease arises? If it is a "GOOD THING" from God, shouldn't people be content with it? or, give praise to God that He found them worthy to "suffer to try the faith of the person".

It could almost be thought that when a person (chlid of God) is "suffering, or going through a trial of their faith" with a sickness / disease which is for the "greater good", that when the "suffering person" prays and asks God for healing, etc. that that person is "COMPLAINING" and not content.

Pardon me for the digression. To get back to the issue that was raised: censorship (what censorship someone might ask: which is this, if you (the poster) DO NOT totally agree with me and my opinions [most of which CANNOT be found in the BIBLE] you will be deleted and / or banned!, deletions, accusatory statements (such as: you (the poster) are spouting off WoF doctrine which in previous posts was referred to as garbage, trash, crap, and filth; or you (the poster) are posting Jehovah's Witness doctrine.These are some of what appear to be the issue that caused people to not post on this forum, IT IS NOT BECAUSE NO ONE HAS ANYTHING FOR INPUT, OR THAT "NO ONE WANTS TO MAKE WAVES, CALL ATTENTION TO THEMSELVES, SET THEMSELVES UP AS TARGETS (except that they will be targets for the CENSOR(s) of this forum), it appears to be because of the pride and selfishness of that appears to come from the administrators / moderators that people stopped posting, because their OPINION did not agree with that particular persons, who holds other peoples opinion as inferior to theirs, and other people CANNOT be right! 

Just some thoughts in reply to the query.


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I was just thinking about this the other day.  I was thinking it might be smart to take it down for a couple of months and bring it back with a new name and new methods ... (importing a few of your articles onto the blog as 'talking points' or conversation starters)?

It's kind of sad that no one has anything to say about anything.

Is this how America is going to fall?  Will it be because no one will speak up?  Will it be because no one wants to "make waves?"  No one wants to call attention to themselves and set themselves up as targets for the liberals who are selling our country out for a mess of nothing????

"I had been eagerly planning to write to you about the salvation we all share. But now I find that I must write about something else, urging you to defend the faith that God has entrusted once for all time to His holy people." Jude 3


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I am interested in your comments about this.  It seems the Blog has reached a stagnant position and am wondering if I should just take it down as no one is using it.  Your response will determine if it stays or goes.

Thank You and God Bless,
Robert (Bob) Wise
Forgotten Word Ministries


A preacher in those days, when he felt God called him to preach, didn't hunt up a college or seminary, he hunted up a good horse, took off across the country and began crying "Behold the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world"!

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