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RE: joel Olsteen Critics............

doesn't the bible teach us NOT to judge? No.  The Bible does NOT teach us to "not judge" ... Jesus said by whatsoever measure you judge YOU WILL BE JUDGED.  That doesn't mean to not judge.  It means to be careful that you judge by the same standard you are willing to be judged by.
Other Bible guides on judging include, "By their fruits you will know them," and "Be WISE as serpents ... (and gentle as doves)..."
Other scriptures you might find interesting are the ones having to do with warning people about their sinfulness, their ultimate destination and the false doctrines that surround us in this world.
Does God want us to "feel good about ourselves"? Ofcourse he does! Not at all!  Jesus called the Pharisees (who obviously felt "good" about themselves)  "hypocrites, vipers ... whited sepulchres" ... doesn't sound at all like he wanted them to feel good about themselves.  God wants us to realize there is nothing good IN us.  That Good comes only from dependence on GOD!
god clearly sends the message to treat others as we want to be treated... Absolutely!  And I wouild want to be warned if I were headed for Hell because I refused to accept the Salvation that is ONLY available through Jesus Christ.  There are millions of people all around the world who believe they are OK with God because they are "good people" or even "have committed JIHAD against the infidel!"  These folks have to be told the truth.  As the old timers used to say, "There is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun!"  God ... the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ... has a holy standard that must be kept and that can only be done by reliance on the righteousness of Jesus Christ because of humans, "There are none righteous ... no, not one!"
trying to share his word and bring peace to lost souls Why would you want to bring peace to a lost soul???  IF a lost soul is living in peace, that soul will wind up in hell without hope ... You may offer Jesus to a lost soul but that soul must be at a point where he or she realizes she is lost (a piece of bad news fer sure!) ... realizes there is a real hell (another "bad news" Osteen refuses to talk about) ... and realizes that Christ is the only escape from that fate ... at THAT point, they might accept Jesus and find the peace they need.
blasting him on the internet will never bring peace to your heart. We don't depend on "blasting him on the internet" for our peace ... our peace comes from doing what God has called us to do ... warning people about false and "feel-good" preachers that will lead them straight into Hell instead of using the Scriptures as they were meant to be used to "rebuke, reprove and exhort" (II Tim. 4:2)

"I had been eagerly planning to write to you about the salvation we all share. But now I find that I must write about something else, urging you to defend the faith that God has entrusted once for all time to His holy people." Jude 3


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Shame on those who posted that awful display of the discussion with Larry king...

Joel has brought hope to millions of unbelievers around the world.
Why is it that if a man doesn't say condeming things about another religion or another man, we are quick to judge? doesn't the bible teach us NOT to judge? Are we overlooking the real message he is trying to present? Why should we care that " he admits that he does not want to talk about negative things"
Do you people really beleive that God wants us to talk bad? Does God want us to "feel good about ourselves"? Ofcourse he does! He is a merciful and loving God. god clearly sends the message to treat others as we want to be if he (Joel) wanted you to feel bad and feel attacked for his faith, then sure, he might talk bad about others.
No my friends, you are sadly mistaken. God wants us to reach out, share our faith and his word, love each other and most of all give our love and glory to God! i beg you to look past the messanger, hush your own opinion and open your heart to find what God is trying to tell you through each other. You will not always like or even understand what you are hearig, especially if it is new or from anther religion/pastor, but i firmly believe that God wants us NOT to be judgemental, especially on those trying to share his word and bring peace to lost souls. This minister is trying to share hope in a positive manner .
If you don't understand him, that's ok, pray about it. But I assure you that blasting him on the internet will never bring peace to your heart.
God bless each of you reading this. Amen.

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