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No New Posts more questions (Preview)
 a "RANTER" ... (someone who has a single subject they harp on constantly)  Sounds like what those dear old teachers did in grade school when they were trying to get the students to "learn" something, such as 2 + 2 = 4, then progression to multiplication tables, division, alge...
frozenchoseninak 0 767
No New Posts Jentezen Franklin...
Whats the news on Mr. Franklin? I have seen one video at a conference where he seeks for "precious" gifts and read an article in Chrisma.
Sojourner 46 12615
No New Posts Casting the first stone... (Preview)
wordworker wrote  November 19th:One more personal ​attack on MY Christianity and I will delete itEras​ewordworker wrote  November 19th:And YOU, my dear,​ are judgemental, legalistic and have no idea who ​I am. Bob Wise (this site's creator) and I are per​sonal friends. He knows who I am and where I stan.​..
fogchild 0 692
No New Posts Worship
We often come together to "worship the Lord" but what does that mean to you? If you think of worship as something that draws YOU to HIM ... What are the elements of worship that lift you into His presence? Music? if so, what kind of music ... classical? Hymns? contemporary? ... which do you pre...
wordworker 9 1312
No New Posts Hello and welcome!
You all know me.  I've been around a long time.  But lately, many of you have been discouraged from posting here, I believe because of how certain elements have done their best to take over this board and pirate it for Word of Faith teachings. There have been many words posted here that basically wearie...
wordworker 0 714
No New Posts Board Administrator
Greetings all,  I am sure you have noticed that I am not here often as I am very busy with the Ministry, Website, Preaching, Singing, etc.  I have made the decision to appoint someone to be in control of our Discussion Board while I remain the Admnistrator this person will have absolute control of decis...
bobw 0 775
No New Posts question for mr wise
i am new new to this website as well as the "blogging" thing... I keep being told I have authority and I am the one in control of my life by my words, need to use my authority, God gave me the authority so He won't do it for me (whatever I need or want), I have to do it for myself. I am in control. It doe...
sally 9 941
No New Posts What books in the bible?
I would like to hear peoples ideas on this, what books would you reccommend to an unbeliever, I usually say proverbs, isaiah and john a few chapters of each, proverbs for them to understand how evil they are, isaiah for prophecy to help build faith and of course john easy to understand.  Proverbs for th...
jpd78 1 1000
No New Posts rightouess judgement!
When we learn the right standards, no man or woman can shake you, the truth is the world would have you be guilty  more than god, when you really think about it, man's standards can be tougher as they judge on meaningless things, I can name tons of meaningless things.  This is part of the freedom we have,...
jpd78 2 782
I look up website after site and all I see people calling people false teachers, false teachers calling other people false teachers, who can make sense of this madness, surely not someone who does not know the word of god. john 3:16-21 makes it oh so clear, there is no repentance before salvation, beli...
jpd78 8 998
We would agree, street drug users will be held accountable, but if one repents and is saved, then suffers depression, what would you tell them? surely you would say there getting of the path of life.  So why would it be different for any other thing that may lead to chemical imbalance? It wouldn't! They...
jpd78 1 778
To all who name it and claim it and give god license to answer you, Oh, you have not considered much and don't know who you have shut the doors of heaven on. Have you considered the end of your life in this flesh and your deathbed, What will you claim then! will your followers say, I guess it was just his time...
jpd78 6 2357
Prosperity teachers- peter, paul, john, james who comes down on money hard. the love of it! how about just about everyone.   won't the people always kill and silence the prophets.   They would have all told all the disciples god wants you to have money, give 20 and get 40 and of course the disciples wo...
jpd78 0 690
No New Posts money teachers and name claimers
when you reply to a post, come with context, what is being said , to who, and why? What does it mean?  How does it apply to life? How it applies to end times? You don't know. just say you don't know. -- Edited by jpd78 on Sunday 4th of October 2009 08:38:41 PM
jpd78 0 722
No New Posts Could it be?
"The number of people who claim no religious affiliation, meanwhile, has doubled since 1990 to fifteen percent, its highest point in history. Non-believers now represent the third-highest group of Americans, after Catholics and Baptists." This is a quote from the new article posted...
wordworker 1 749
No New Posts what kind of teaching is this?
I have heard lately a lot of people teaching we have to learn how to forgive ourselves, this teaching is false, since the bible declares, god is giver of all things for the believer, what is this your trying to do yourself? and saying yes god you give all things except for the fact,I have to forgive myself...
jpd78 4 936
No New Posts Should Obama get respect and prayers too?
This forum seems to get a little heated so I ask please just give me a educated bible based answer and don't jump down my throat. Every question I ask is to further my faith and make me a better well informed christian. With that said conservitives  gave prayers and stood behind Bush when he was in office....
Wannaknowwhy 3 894
No New Posts Gossip?
Here is one thing I have never heard one person say on the suject of gossip and needs to be known, all reading would agree gossip is a sin I hope? so what about making a judgement and determination against someone or a situation based from the gossip, I look at this and see if people took heed to this, those w...
jpd78 0 689
No New Posts Fox News-what do people think?
You cannot even watch the news for 5 minutes, without hearing junk, surely all these anchors go to church on sunday, but they are lost, The sad thing is if you go cnn and msnbc there ungodly as can be, but fox are a bunch of confused hypocrites that are conformed to this world. One anchor about the christia...
jpd78 0 699
No New Posts Pentecostals Only? ( 1 2 )
I'm curious as to why it seems that the "wolves" exposed on this website are limited to only Charismatics and Pentecostals.  While I agree that those exposed (except Pat Robertson) are truly wolves, I wonder why the absence of others.  For example, The Shepherd's Chapel is a large TV mini...
The Saint 55 10732
No New Posts URGENT PRAYER REQUEST August 24, 2009
Most of you regular visitors know me and know that I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe that Jesus Christ always chooses the best for us and that HIS will is the most beautiful thing we can seek.  WHATEVER that is. Last Friday, my husband suffered a rupture in his aorta and he is now in the Cardio-Va...
wordworker 2 743
No New Posts true t.v preachers
can someone name any? todd friel? does anyone watch him?
jpd78 3 1281
No New Posts What can be done to stop the hucksters???
Dear friends, Soon Mr. Hinn will be visiting my country, once commonly known as "godzone". My question is this; Are these men, and Hinn in particular (a) God's men who simply have differing opinions from orthodox Christianity and actually believe that what they are doing is somehow rig...
christbearer 4 1240
No New Posts Bumper stickers
Saw a bumper sticker this morning that says a lot  but sent my brain spinning off into strange pathways.  The bumpter sticker I saw said, "God is still speaking" and below that was the name of a mainline church that is infamous for its liberal stance on homosexuality, abortion and other dif...
wordworker 5 770
No New Posts Answers needed.
Atheistftw 2 1016
No New Posts abortion: for anyone considering
I used to work at planned parenthood, code name for baby slaughterhouse, first of all they decieved me, of course. I wasn't supposed to be working in the "back" this will be graphic, irrelevant, this is what happens, approx6-8 workers in on 30-40 abortions two days a week, that most get ass...
jpd78 0 602
No New Posts Denominations
 Mostly speaking from personal conviction here, however, I believe denominations to be a big farce, just a delusion from the enemy himself, and I am in no way saying that true Christians should just become part of the big conglomeration of the so called Christian movement, or that all denominations...
jactup 3 909
No New Posts Why just lately?
Sometimes it's good to look back over your life and realize how much God has done for you THROUGHOUT your life. Hubby and I were coming home from celebrating our 41st anniversary and started talking about that. We talked about lost jobs and lost homes and lost family members ... and we talked about God'...
wordworker 0 630
No New Posts What Has God Done in Your Life Lately?
I thought a place to post praises would be a good idea for this forum.  Post as often as you like when God does something amazing, whether it be big or small.
The Saint 2 691
No New Posts Christians suing Christians
I wanted to get your opinions here.  Is it ever okay for a Christian to sue another Christian?  If so, under what circumstances?  I have always operated under the assumption that it is never okay, and I'm really getting tired of fellow Christians or maybe "Christians" breaking the law and...
The Saint 16 2138
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